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Why This Site?

With Plan B Retirement, I Want
to Make Retirement Something
You Look Forward To!

My purpose is to get my readers to look at retirement differently:  Retirement is not out of reach.  When you sign up for the free Plan B Retirement newsletter, I'll be in your email box, like a good friend who's dropped by to share a cup of coffee with you. I'll tell you how other people have solved the problem.  And I'll show you choices you can make ... both now and later ... that can change those calculations that run through your head about whether or not you can afford to retire.  (You know the ones.)

It may sound challenging.  But it's not.  It's taken you years to get where you are; let's plan out how you can get to where you really want to be.  How fast you get there is pretty much up to you.

Ask yourself: 

  • What’s stopping you from getting past the disappointment of how it's traditionally supposed to be?  And looking at what your choices really are?  
  • What’s stopping you from tearing up those impossible plans the financial planner drew up for you? (The ones that just depress you, because you know 'you can't get there from here' by going down that path.) 
  • What’s stopping you from taking your future in your own hands, and looking forward to a phase in your life that's an adventure, and not a curse?

Certainly not Plan B Retirement!

I'm here to show you the way.  To open your mind to new ideas.  To share the experiences of those of us who've been where you are today.  To show you the pluses and minuses, honestly. 

My purpose is to get you to throw away the old ways of looking at retirement that aren't working for you, and open up more adventurous ones.  Successful ones.  To help you figure out where your own barriers are, and then run a whole series of options by you so you can decide what you can -- and can't -- do.  All that so you're ready to move into retirement in an affordable, sustainable way.  Like you're supposed to.  Nothing would please me more.

By reading the Plan B Retirement newsletter ... and revisiting this site regularly to see what's new ... you'll see just how much is possible.  Not all of it will feel right for you.  In fact, to you some of it might read like an Indiana Jones novel.  But you'll find nuggets that can make an 'almost possible' situation possible.  Or even an 'Aha!' idea that turns your life plans right-side up.  All of it for the better.  And it's all within your reach...

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