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Here are just some of the stories we've heard about people who have made an interesting housing move in order to take their ' Peace of Mind ' levels up through the roof!

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Billy and Akaisha Kaderli took their savings in 1991, including the profit from the sale of their home, and headed out to see the world. And every day has been a global adventure ever since. By keeping their lifestyle costs modest and their money in low-cost index funds (withdrawing about 3% each year), they haven’t had to touch their IRAs. Which is just as well, because they haven’t hit retirement age yet, and would have to pay penalties! Their U.S. home base?  A manufacturered home in the Southwest.  I had a chance to sit with Billy and Akaisha at International Living's Ultimate Event III in Cancun in May 2008 where Akaisha was a guest speaker.  A recording of her speech is available on their site.

Read their story here on their site, and buy their highly acclaimed book The Adventurer's Guide to Early Retirement, a Common Sense Approach, 3rd edition, for just $14.95.

Marlene and Barnie G. wanted to free up capital to invest in their growing business so they could play 'catch-up' on their late start on saving for retirement. Once their children were out on their own, they sold their large house on even larger acreage. They found a smaller lot in a natural, minimally developed area, and built a ‘container compound’ house: several shipping containers forming a courtyard. It feels like a tropical 'Out of Africa' as you drive up to it. And for them, it means 'Out of Debt'.

Paul and Vicki Terhorst retired early, in their mid-30s in 1984. They took their savings, IRAs and proceeds from the sale of their house, about $500,000, put it all in CDs, and set off on their international adventure. Based at the time in Buenos Aires, they bought a small flat there and have used Argentina as one base for their constant travels, which have included multi-year ‘visits’ to Ajijic (Mexico), Paris and Austin, TX. They monitor their expenses and their funds carefully, deal with fluctuating currency conversions and investment returns. CD’s were replaced with low-cost funds, for example. The rest of the time, the world is their oyster. Paul writes for International Living.

The owner of this website sold her dream house in a dream neighborhood after 9/11, took the proceeds and bought a mobile home in a little park on a small lake in South Florida. She gutted and rehabbed the home (see the results here), used her newfound peace of mind to refocus and redirect her life, including by developing new income-generating businesses.  And today she can happily put most of what she earns into retirement savings. BTW, she ‘loves’ her mobile home !




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