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There's a whole lot of information on this site, and lots of links back and forth.  To help you weave your way through without missing anything, I've make this little checklist for you.  Print this page out, if it would help, and check them off as you complete each step.

I find it humorous that it's coincidentally a 12-Step Program.  In this case, twelve steps that will take you from Retirement Panic to Peace of Mind. (And even if you're already a good way along with your retirement planning and saving, you still might see where some fine-tuning could speed up or enhance your journey.)

To your success!

Yellow checkbox  STEP 1:  If just thinking about retirement frazzles you ... or you're having trouble focusing ... or the nonstop mind chatter is too distracting, read quickly through GETTING TO A HEALTHY RETIREMENT MINDSET.

Yellow checkbox   STEP 2:  Read through the text entitled AMERICAN DREAM REVISITED.

Yellow checkbox  STEP 3:  Read through the text entitled THE POWER OF THEY.

Yellow checkbox  STEP 4:  If you find you work best having things planned out with 'roadmaps', remember to check off the steps on your printout of this list.

Yellow checkbox  STEP 5:  To help you identify what your top priorities are in your housing, use the tool in 'Phase One' of LOOKING AT OPTIONS.

Yellow checkbox  STEP 6:  Read some of the stories of others who have followed a similar path in WHO'S DONE WHAT.

Yellow checkbox  STEP 7:  Check out all the different housing options under MAKING WISE HOUSING CHOICES.

Yellow checkbox  STEP 8:  To help you brainstorm how you feel about some of the different housing options, use the tool in 'Phase Two' of LOOKING AT OPTIONS.

Yellow checkbox  STEP 9:  To figure out what your existing housing really costs you, generate your 'Real Monthly Budget' under CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS.

Yellow checkbox  STEP 10:  See where your retirement possibilities stand using 'Generating Your Retirement Picture' under CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS, and run different scenarios with different housing options.

Yellow checkbox  STEP 11:  If you think you'd like to supplement your income as you go through this process, read through MAKING MONEY USING WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW.

Yellow checkbox  STEP 12:  And ... best of all ... MAKE IT HAPPEN!





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