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It doesn't matter how long you've waited to get serious about retirement savings.  The goal is to get focused on it today.  The first step is to GET TO A HEALTHY RETIREMENT MINDSET.  Once that's done, once you can get beyond your present turmoil and focus on your future, your next step is to develop a new retirement strategy.

Your retirement strategy will have two parts:

  • Getting your present finances under control, and your big-ticket budget items down (especially your housing costs), so you start saving for retirement immediately.
  • Then looking at realistic ways to bring in extra income to supplement the income you already have ... without major upfront investment.  Once you have the clarity to work on the first part, I know you'll be looking for new ways to move that retirement goal post even closer.  So I've shown you what I did, in a section called MAKING MONEY USING WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW.

The first part will have you 'getting real' about where your money goes, what your housing truly costs you today and what your options are.  It gives you the tools you need to help you do so, and holds your hand through the process.

As you know from reading my story, I turned my catastrophic financial situation around completely, after 9/11 had thrown my business into a tailspin.  Suddenly clients were gone ... cards and credit lines were maxed out ... and my mortgage payments were killing me.  (Sound familiar?)

As you also know, I found my solution by changing my housing.  And I'm not alone:  here are some stories of others who have done the same.

In this section, by using the steps in Crunching the Numbers I show you how to paint your real retirement picture as it looks today, and how it could be improved. 

I then show you exactly how I used the tools in Looking at Options to open my mind to the different housing options described under MAKING WISE HOUSING CHOICES. 

And then, the best part is Making It Happen.






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