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When every day is spent wondering how you're going to close out the month ... pay the mortgage ... and insurances ... and credit cards ... that are all spiraling higher and higher, the last thing you can focus on is how to save for retirement.


A more likely scenario is that your days are filled to capacity.  You're juggling a million things.  (They call it 'multi-tasking.'  But a catchy phrase doesn't make it any easier.)  Since you can't find a solution no matter how hard you think about it, it's easier just not to think about it at all.  It's easier to pull the covers up over your head.


But when you're lying in bed at night before you fall asleep ... or when you sit bolt-upright in the middle of the night ... all the fears and anxieties are like a bad reality show on your HDTV.  Except this one you can't click off.


Quiet Your Mind ... Sharpen Your Focus


I have some solutions.  And what's the best part?  They're FREE!


So What Happened to the American Dream ?


Once you start focusing clearly on changing your retirement prospects, the first thing to do is to let go of old expectations. 


In my case, I needed to figure out what had changed from how I thought my life was supposed to play out.  I went back and looked at what images I had of retirement and where they came from.  If you need to clear that slate too, go ahead and read THE AMERICAN DREAM REVISITED.


Getting Rid of the 'They'


To be open to all possible retirement solutions, I learned that I needed to get rid of any outside opinions, commentary and criticisms from friends, family and everyone else.  I call them ‘They’.  And I realized that 'They' were not going to solve my problems.  If you feel the same, do read THE POWER OF THEY.


A Step-by-Step Plan


Some people function best if they have a roadmap, or check list, of what they are working on.  It helps them stay on course.  If this is something you feel could help you bump up your chances of getting through this important process, be sure to take a look at my STEP-BY-STEP CHECKLIST.  Go to that page, hit 'File' and then 'Print' so you have a copy to check off as you go.



IN SUMMARY, whatever it takes ... whatever tools you need so you can focus long enough ... to clear out the disappointments or barriers to change ... and to get your mindset ready to look positively at preparing for retirement, THAT'S MY GOAL!   




As I find more and more tools that make it easier to get on track ... and stay on track ... I'll share them through our free newsletter.  To be sure you don't miss out on any, subscribe now!




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